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Teddy & Coco

Dog Crate and Couch

Teddy & Coco - Dog Crate and Couch


Teddy and Coco are designed to be loved equally by both you and your pet.  Seamlessly blending human and dog décor, these crate and couches provides a premium alternative to traditional wire options, as well as minimising material consumption and transportation footprints.

Drawing inspiration from the architectural industry, both Teddy and Coco utilise a series of fins that act as both visual diffusers and structural members.  Their forms, combined with the use of birch plywood, create a soft and inviting aesthetic which contrasts traditional dog crates without compromising on their function.   Manufactured from a unique birch plywood that includes a clear melamine coating on both sides, too allow easy meaning maintenance and cleaning, it also reduces the need to apply any secondary sprays or finishes to the product, further reducing the number of processes involved with production. 

Additionally, removable acrylic sheets create a secure enclosure without compromising visibility into, or out of, the product.  All components, both ply and acrylic, are precision CNC cut to ensure perfect fitment and then hand sanded to leave a high quality finish.  Teddy and Coco have been designed with longevity in mind, and to provide you with a durable investment that becomes an integral part of your home.


- Concept Design

- Design for Manufacture

- Prototype Development

- Production Documentation

Material and Finish Palette:

- Clear Coat Birch Plywood

- Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

Client: The Paws Room

Photographed by: Mindi Cooke

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