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Architectural Feature

Everleigh - Architectural Feature

Despite spanning over 100m, this visually dynamic feature consists of only 32 unique elements ensuring the original vision could be delivered under budget.  Each blade, folded from Corten Steel ,was left to weather and generate a natural patina that offers a long lasting, low maintenance, durable finish.  Designed to reflect the undulating landscape of the surrounding area, the structure perfectly blends geometric facades and sloping lines.


- Concept Development

- Production Documentation

- Production Management

Products Included:

- Architectural Feature

- Signage

Material and Finish Palette:

Blades: Corten Steel with Weathered Finish

- Signage: Mild Steel with Wet Spray Painted Finish

Designed with and Supplied by: Street + Garden

Client: Form Landscape Architects

Photographed by: Florian Groehn

Awards: 2019 Landscape Architecture Award - AILA

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