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A Brisbane based Industrial Designer, Charles’ practice is in developing unique furniture that honours the materials and manufacturing techniques used to produce it. Being conscious and aware of these properties allows him to design effective and efficient solutions to suit individual needs. In understanding the requirements of the end user, he combines each of these aspects to ultimately inform the shape, aesthetic and application of the final design.

"For as long as I can remember, I've obsessed over the most minute details of each and every piece of furniture I come across. Whether it's in a store, a home or the public realm - I cannot help but notice and appreciate the additional care that goes into well designed products."

From Concept Development, through to Design for Manufacture and Production Management, Charles works with a wide variety of materials across a diverse range of industries, developing both one-off bespoke pieces and complete suites that span entire projects. 

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Visit @cwentworth_ on Instagram to follow the latest projects develop 

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